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What is is a native sponsored content platform. Links to your content and landing pages appear side-by-side with other sponsored or organic content on websites that are part of the network, attracting new, highly-engaged readers to your site.

Why use has a family friendly feature so consumers (the audience) can rate or set family filters on a device to make sure all advertisements seen on that device are safe for their family's viewing.

Getting Started

Integrate your account with Maximus. To integrate your account you need to provide us with your Secret Key and API Key.

To start a campaign, follow the Add a Campaign documentation.

Add a Campaign Notes

Image Requirements, Text Requirements, and Ad Text Tokens

Images added must be a minimum of 150px x 150px (using a 1:1 aspect ratio) but can also be a 1:2 aspect ratio. titles can be up to 60 characters.

Click here for more information about Ad Text Tokens.

Additional Notes

Networking Targeting on the Platform offers additional targeting which can be done outside of Maximus. If a setting can be changed in Maximus, do not change it on the network. In you can do Location Targeting and use Block Lists and White Lists. Click here to view our network targeting outside of Maximus documentation.

Minimum CPC

Content.Ad requires a minimum bid of $0.30.

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