Maximus Step Pixels

Updated 3 months ago by Taye

Maximus allows for users to implement multiple-step pixels to better optimize and account for customers who purchase multiple items via upsell or multiple funnels.

Step pixels are available in IFRAME/Image/Postback formats.

The format of the IFRAME looks like this:

<iframe src="" border=0 width=1 height=1></iframe>

##MAXIMUS_CLICK_ID## should be replaced with the Maximus click ID, which should be passed back to all conversions for the best accuracy

##STEP_NAME## - This can be anything that would help optimization in reporting. The max character length is 10. Maximus will cut off any length greater than that, so choose the step names carefully. We recommend using the same steps for every funnel for consistency.

##PAYOUT## = should be the actual payout in USD

Note: the same format is used for postback pixels


 User A arrives on your landing page and makes an initial purchase. This product is worth $10. On that sale page, you would place a Maximus step pixel on the confirmation page of that $10 sale:

<iframe src="" border=0 width=1 height=1> </iframe>

That user is presented with another product and purchases the 2nd product. This product is worth $5. On that confirmation page of the $5 item, this pixel is placed:

<iframe src="" border=0 width=1 height=1></iframe>

Step pixels can be used not only for upsell support, but also any time that it would be beneficial to track revenue back to a Maximus campaign. With more complex tracking systems, residual revenue generated from other channels could also fire a pixel. The only requirement is that the Maximus click ID of the originating click is passed back to Maximus.

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