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Click on any campaign title in the Manage Campaigns page to open the Campaign Details page for that specific campaign.This page features quick links where users can Clone the Campaign, Edit Fire & Forget™ Settings, Add Images, Edit Links, Preview the Offer, Reassign the Campaign, Show the Top Performing Images, and set Conversion Cap Settings.Here, you are also able to view detailed reporting and charts of the campaign performance. In addition to standard date range filter options, users may filter by weekdays and weekends.

Click here to learn about Filters.

Click the three line icon on the left-hand side of the bar to open or hide the menu. This menu displays campaign status and links to add to or edit campaign information.

Editing Campaign CPC and Daily Budget

You can edit the CPC and Budget on the Campaign Details page. Click here to learn more about editing these values.

Note that Fire & Forget™ can also update the daily budget with Budget Increase and daily if you have Budget Reset enabled.

The Menu

Click the calendar button to filter campaign data by date. Click here to see details about how the Date filter works.

Show results from the lifespan of a campaign. Click here to learn more about the Days filter.

Clone Campaign gives users a head start on creating a new campaign. Users commonly use this feature to duplicate successful campaigns, set up specific whitelists, and test image creatives.  Click here to learn more on campaign cloning.

Fire & Forget™ settings can be enabled, disabled, and edited at any time from the Campaign Details page. Click here to learn more about the Fire & Forget™ settings. 

Add additional ads to the campaign.

Add additional carousel ads to a Gemini campaign. Click here to learn more about Carousel Ads.

Use Edit Gemini Settings to display and adjust the settings that are unique to Gemini campaigns. These settings include: age and gender targeting, base Gemini CPC, and bid adjustments for different publisher groups. Click here to learn more about Gemini Settings.

Edit landing page and offer links for the campaign.

View the campaign’s landing page.

Reassign Campaign opens a dropdown menu that allows you to assign the campaign to a different person or group.

Displays a reference window with global and campaign-level pixel information.

This option displays the top 3 performing images with an EPC greater than $0.30 over the past 30 days.
Images will begin to appear here as long as the campaign has been active for 14 days and if images are over $0.30 EPC. This report is updated every day at midnight.

Select a number of conversions you want to limit the campaign to in a daily, weekly, or monthly time period for the conversion cap to pause a campaign. Conversion cap pauses campaigns once the conversion cap is met for the selected time period.

Add and remove Outbrain segments created via the Settings page to your campaign. Click here to learn more about Outbrain segments.

Update the OS targeting for the campaign. Click here to learn more about Outbrain OS Targeting.

Use Taboola Settings to set the traffic allocation and OS targeting for the campaign. The allocation options are Even or Optimized. Click here for more information on Taboola traffic allocation. Click here to learn more about Taboola OS Targeting.

A pop up will allow you to select an audience you've previously created in your Settings page, allowing you to target specific email users. Click here to read more about Gemini Audiences.

  • Green toggle indicates an active campaign
  • Gray toggle indicates an inactive campaign
  • Green toggle indicates Fire & Forget™ status is enabled
  • Gray toggle indicates Fire & Forget™ status is disabled
  • Green toggle indicates the campaign is archived
  • Gray toggle indicates the campaign is not archived

Reporting and Charts

Click here to learn more about Campaign Details Reporting, and click here to learn more about Campaign Details Charts.

At A Glance Report

The amount of clicks your campaign has. This value only represents the amount of Maximus’s clicks. This value will not be identical to the network’s value due to filters that remove bots, test clicks, and/or crawlers. However, the Maximus value will likely be within 10% of the network value.

The number of sales the campaign has earned.

This is the amount that has been spent on your campaign. When looking at the current day, this value represents an estimate based on the Average CPC Total Clicks. The values updates to the network spends once the day is finalized.

The gross (total) amount of money the campaign has made.

The net amount of money the campaign has made. This value is determined by subtracting campaign spend from the revenue.

The profit margin; this value is determined by dividing profit by revenue.

This stat displays the daily budget for the campaign. Click the value to edit the daily budget.
The Budget value is independent of the time frame you are looking at, and represents the current Budget.

Displays the campaign’s current CPC. To edit this value, click on the CPC value. Please note that Gemini CPC cannot be edited. This is because CPC adjustments are made automatically when you update your Group A or Group B modifiers. Click here for more information about Gemini CPC.
The CPC value is independent of the time frame you are looking at, and represents the current CPC.

This is the earnings per click value, which is determined by dividing revenue by clicks.

The average cost per click for the campaign, which is determined by dividing spend by clicks.

CVR represents conversion rate. This is the rate of clicks that lead to a conversion. CVR is determined by dividing sales by clicks.

The average amount of time it takes to complete the conversion process.

Clicking "Show More" displays the following information for the campaign:

The date the campaign was created in Maximus.

If the campaign was added to a sub-account, it will display here.

For CPC campaigns, this section displays the most recent date with finalized revenue.


Click here to learn more about Campaign Details Charts in greater detail.

This graph displays a comparison of spends and revenue for the sites associated with the campaign. For campaigns where traffic is spread across a large number of publishers, it is possible that the top ten spends will show $0 in revenue. More detailed information is available in the “Sites” table under the Campaign Details page. As of a June 2018 update, site bidding and reporting are available for Gemini campaigns on the Maximus platform.

View the hourly averages of clicks and conversions with this chart. Data can be displayed for a 24-hour period but will change based on the selected date filter. This chart displays data up to the hour when the date filter is set to view the current day. Click 'Download CSV' to down the data of the chart. Results will be the data based on the selected date filter.

Show the EPC for the current day or for a specific time period.

Display clicks and conversions by minute over the last 24 hours. This can also display the clicks and conversions that occurred in ranges, up to the previous 120 minutes.

Display Today's, Yesterday's, and this day last week's data. Select whether you want to look at Clicks, Profit, or Revenue with this chart.


Maximus features robust, real-time campaign reporting that displays stats for several different aspects of your campaigns.

Click here to learn more about Campaign Details Reporting in greater detail.

To open a report, click on the name of the report from the side menu. Maximus will remember the last report viewed and display that report when accessing another campaign or refreshing the current page. Times shown are in EST.

This report displays stats for each site. Users are also able to set site bids. To learn more about Site Bidding, click here.

  • Site blocking is available for Outbrain campaigns in this tab. Users may block sites for Taboola campaigns, but only on the Taboola network.
  • Update site bids manually by entering the desired CPC or by using Fire & Forget™ optimizations.
  • Sites where the name is displayed as $ or “NA” comes from the network incorrectly. This is caused by tracking issues and cannot be edited.
  • Site Hourly Reporting: Site hourly reporting allows users to view the reporting for a campaign’s sites by hour and by minute. Reporting is based on estimated spend data. This data should be used for reference purposes rather than defining the value of a single click.

Gemini campaigns use the Gemini Sites report. This report will show the site and device data for the campaign.

This report displays data by site (Brand/Topic) and then you can drill down further to see the widgets under that site. To read more about this report, click here.

This report displays data for images associated with a campaign. By default, this report displays images that have clicks within the applied date filter.
Maximus works with IBM’s Watson Natural Language Understanding to analyze text results for sentiment, opinion, and emotion.

This all images added to the campaign. This report also displays the Creative ID, which is a unique, automatically generated Maximus ID that Maximus uses to track images.

RevContent campaigns contain the Widget report. This report displays the widget performance data for a campaign.

Displays the number of conversions recorded for a campaign.

This table displays the 25 most recent clicks tracked by Maximus.

Campaign Hourly Reporting gives users the ability to view reporting data for the campaign broken down on a per-hour and per-minute basis. This reporting is based on estimated spend data. Our users commonly use the hourly report to view estimated spend and revenue by hour for a specific date.

Display campaign-level landing page data.

Display landing page data for a campaign by the sites where the clicks originated. Site routing can also be adjusted from this reporting. Click here to learn more about site routing.

The Image/Site/Landing Report allows you to view image performance similar to the Images Report, view how each image performs per site, see performance by landing page of that image/site combination, and choose which landing page you'd like that image/site combination to route to.

View stats for your Gemini campaign broken down by the Bid Modifier Group.

View stats for your Gemini campaign broken down by gender.

View stats for your Gemini campaign broken down by age.

View stats for your Gemini campaign broken down by location.

The campaign log report shows all changes made by users and Maximus as well. Use this report along with drag to group, search and sort to get the most out of it!

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