Route a Site

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  1. Click on the campaign from the Manage Campaigns page.
  2. Scroll to the reporting table and click the By Landing Sites tab to load the Site Landing Page report. This report breaks down the data based on the landing page each click originated from.   
  3. Click the dropdown arrow next to a site name. This opens up the landing page stats based on that site.
  4. The "Routing" column shows the routing status of the site. When the icon is blue, site routing is active and the clicks originating for this site will be routed to this landing page.
  5. To Route a site, click on the icon in the Routing column so that it is now blue : All traffic for that site will now be routed to that landing page only. You can only route to one landing page per site.

Example 1

Two landing pages have different weights:
Landing Page A   40
Landing Page B   60

And you have a site you want to route only to Landing Page B.

Click on the Routing Icon so it is now blue, and traffic is now routed only to Landing Page B for that Site.

Example 2

You have one Landing Page, but want to send traffic for a site to a different landing page.

Add a new Landing Page by clicking on Edit Link on the Campaign Details page. Set the weight of this new link to 0, and Submit.

Click on the Routing icon for the new landing page under that site. Because the new LP has a weight of 0, it will not receive any traffic unless you specifically route to that site.

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