Budget Increase

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What is Budget Increase?

Budget Increase in its most basic definition is increasing the budget amount. You can manually increase the budget on a campaign by editing the budget by clicking on the budget amount in the Campaign Details page or Manage Campaigns page.

Typically when Budget Increase is mentioned in Maximus, it is in relation to the Fire & Forget feature that will automatically increase the budget based on campaign performance.

You can modify these settings during the Add a Campaign process, or by editing the settings by selecting Edit Fire & Forget Settings in the Campaign Details page. Budget Increase also requires that the campaign has spent half of its current budget and is profitable.

Budget Increase: The percentage Maximus will increase the current budget by when increasing the budget cap.

Acceptable Profit: The minimum margin a campaign must maintain for Fire & Forget to increase the budget.

You can turn off this setting by selecting the toggle next to the Fire & Forget Budget Increase %.

How Does Budget Increase Work?

Maximus will increase the budget if the campaign has spent more than 50% of its daily budget and has a campaign margin higher than the Acceptable Profit percentage. The campaign margin is found by dividing the current profit by the current revenue (multiplied by 100 for the percentage). The budget is increased automatically with Fire & Forget active and if the Budget Increase toggle is set to active.

Budget Increase will continue to multiply by that amount each time based on the current budget.

CPA Goal campaigns will use the default 15% Acceptable Profit value for this calculation. If you are on a Pro Plan, you can change to the Acceptable Profit Optimization Mode and edit the Acceptable Profit %, then switch back to CPA Goal and save your Fire & Forget settings so that CPA Goal uses this new percentage.

How To

Set Budget Increase

Enter the percentage value you want to use for Budget Increase.


Your campaign has a budget of $200, and you have enabled Budget Increase at 100% and your Acceptable Profit is set to 20%.

  1. The current campaign margin is at 20%, a very well performing campaign. The campaign has spent $144.00.
  2. Fire & Forget analyzes the campaign and applies Budget Increase. The Budget is now $400, which is a 100% increase from $200.
  3. Later that day, the margin becomes 20% and meets the Acceptable Profit amount. The campaign at this point has spent $213.00, which meets the 50% daily budget requirement.
  4. Maximus applies Budget Increase again. This time, the new Budget is $800, a 100% increase form $400.

This process will continue if the Acceptable Profit percentage is met and the campaign has spent 50% of its current Budget.

Common Uses

Campaigns will scale if they perform well. By enabling Budget Increase, you give a campaign room to grow without having to manually optimize it yourself. In combination with other Fire & Forget settings, your campaigns can hit a perfect spot after modifying and learning from performance so you can be as hands off as possible.

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