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Maximus uses a proprietary tracking system to generate links for the networks to use directly. On each click, users are redirected to Maximus before being redirected to the set landing page for the campaign.

This technology allows for multiple options:

  • Some native networks have problems crawling redirected links. Maximus can send crawlers directly to a landing page instead of having problems with discovery or categorization.
  • If a link goes down or a domain name changes, links can be edited and updated without going through a lengthy approval process.
  • Test multiple landing pages through other systems to optimize the full funnel.

When completing link setup, you can set specific macros from the individual networks to pass dynamically to external tracking systems.

The following tokens are supported for all networks:

  • {clickid} - Maximus click id that needs passed back in Maximus pixels
  • {ref} - a URL encoded version of the referring site (when available)

The following tokens are supported for Outbrain and Taboola campaigns only:

  • {site} - the site name from the network
  • {image} - the image id from Maximus
  • {network} - network abbreviation from Maximus (O for Outbrain / T for Taboola)
  • {platform} - Mobile or Desktop (Taboola only)
  • {adid} - The ad id/item id from the network
  • {title} - The ad title from the network
  • {tn} - The thumbnail (Taboola only)

The following tokens are supported for RevContent campaigns only:

  • {widget_id} - RevContent widget id
  • {content_id} - RevContent content id
  • {boost_id} - RevContent boost id
  • {adv_targets} - RevContent Advertiser Targets

Example weighted link:{site}&title={title}
Resulting link on click:

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