By Landing Sites Reporting & Routing

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What is it?

The By Landing Sites Report shows the sites which have received traffic, and the stats for the Landing Pages (weighted link) on that site. Expand by clicking on a site name.

On the initial page of the report you can see the site performance over the time frame you have filtered for sites that have clicks. This report displays the Site, ClicksSales, EPC, SpentRevenueProfitand Profit %.

Spend data on this page is not reconciled with network spend and is based on Maximus estimates only.

Clicking on a Site Name expands the Landing Page data for that site. Data displayed are in the columns Routing, Landing Page, Clicks, Sales, EPC, SpentRevenueProfit, and Profit %.

This report only displays landing pages which have at least 1click.

You can set static site routing for a site by clicking on the routing icon. Blue indicates that a routing is set, and weighted percentages will be ignored for that site and will always direct to the landing page you selected.

Click on the Blue icon to remove the static routing.

Click here for more information on Site Routing.

Specific LPs for Sites

You can also use site routing beyond just split testing or finding a favorable LP between rotating links. If you've had previous experience with a site and a landing page, or have specially created landing pages designed for traffic from specific sites, you can set up multiple weighted links to achieve this.

Add as many weighted links as you have that work for specific sites, and set their weight to 0. This means they will not receive any traffic through normal weighted link rotating, but you can statically assign a LP to a site once it has received traffic. In this case, set the weighted link that you want to assign to a site to a very low weight (10 or 20 work in this case) until you see at least 1 click under the site you want to route to. Then after routing you can set the weight back to 0.

When to Route

Deciding to statically route can be tricky and it is really dependent on one thing - a relatively healthy amount of data to judge performance on. If you're split testing or rotating links with equal weights, this could be anywhere from 3 days to over a week.

The best metrics to look at would be EPC, possibly followed by the clicks (to determine how comparable the EPC is) and number of sales. Sometimes holding off on routing for now if you feel that landing pages haven't had a proper chance to compete can give you better results in the long run.

If you already have routing set up, adding a new link can mean it might not get enough traffic to the right places in order for you to see the performance of that new landing page.

Instead of editing routing to try out a new link, you can use Link Testing to send a specific amount of traffic to this new link exclusively to get a better idea of how well it works for your campaign.

Click here to learn more about Link Testing.

Common Uses

From the expanded Landing Site where you view the Landing Pages, you route sites to make a site always go to one specific weighted link. Compare what sites are having success with which links and determine if you may need to make adjustments to weighted link percentages.

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