Image/Site/Landing Report and Routing

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What is it?

The Image/Site/Landing Report allows you to view image performance similar to the Images Report, view how each image performs per site, see performance by landing page of that image/site combination, and choose which landing page you'd like that image/site combination to route to.

On the initial page of the report, you see image performance over the time frame you have filtered for images that have clicks. Data displayed are in the columns Image Thumbnail, Title, Clicks, Spent, Revenue, Profit, Profit %, and Sales. Spend data on this page is not reconciled with network spend and is based on Maximus estimates only.

If you click on the icon in the Sites column, this opens a new page for the image you selected.

On this page you can see the Site Name, Device, Clicks, Spent, Revenue, Profit, Profit %, and Sales for that image on a specific site. Click on the < To Images text in the top left of the report to go backwards to the images overview page.

On this Image/Site page, you can click on a Site Name to expand the Landing Page data for that site.

The Landing Page report that displays here works exactly like the By Landing Sites Report, where you see the Clicks, Spent, Revenue, Profit, Profit %, and Sales for that Image on the Site you are expanding. You can set static site routing for the image/site combination by clicking on the routing icon. Blue indicates that a routing is set, and weighted percentages will be ignored for that image/site combination and will always direct to the landing page you selected. Click on the blue icon to remove the static routing.


Let's say that we have two images on our campaign, Image A and Image B.

The Image/Site/Routing Report will show data for images A and B that have received clicks for our filtered date range, and use Today in this example.

Let's click on Image A, to see how it performs on each site it has received clicks on.

We can see that in our case, "Eating Well" is a great site for Image A because it has a great profit %, and in this case is the only one which has converted so far today. Let's dig deeper into Eating Well by clicking the arrow next to it to expand the information for any time someone clicked on Image A on the site "Eating Well."

We can see that today so far, has done very well compared to While this example is not perfect because there still needs to be more traffic coming in to give a better idea of how good performance is, we can in this example decide should be routed all the time anyone clicks Image A on "Eating Well." To do so, we select the Routing Icon to make sure all traffic in this scenario goes to that landing page. Now all traffic will be going to that much better performing image/site/landing combination.

How Does it Work with Other Routing?

Maximus processes routing through these following steps to determine where a user goes when clicking on an ad:

  1. Does a route exist for Image + Site?
    1. If so, the system uses that link.
  2. Does a route exist for the site?
    1. If so, the system uses that link.
  3. Do multiple weighted links exist for the campaign?
    1. If so, weigh it according to the setup.
    2. If not, use the single weighted link.

Common Uses

Use this report to see how each image performs on each site. This information could be used to create new campaigns that whitelist the sites that perform best on each image. This report also allows you to go even deeper into the data and see how each landing page is performing on the image/site combination and allow routing to the best performing landing page.

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