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What is the advantage of looking at campaigns through Maximus vs in the platform?

  • Maximus removes bot traffic for a better representation of performance when looking at campaign stats. You can also look at more than one network to compare campaigns across different platforms.

My clicks don’t match with the network. Why?

  • Maximus only tracks Maximus’ clicks so they won’t be identical to what the network has, but more than likely they’re within 10%. This is due to filtering of bots, test clicks and/or crawlers.

Why doesn’t Maximus sync network clicks?

  • We don’t sync clicks due to delays (2-4 hours) from the Network. We’re calculating data based on Maximus clicks so information would never be as accurate if we had to wait on the delay.

Why do I have spend on inactive or rejected campaigns?

  • Spend in Maximus is estimate spend displayed in real time. You may have residual clicks from pausing a campaign, but if there is spend/clicks on a rejected or long time inactive campaign this is most likely due to bot traffic. Maximus will analyze bot traffic and block it the next morning if possible. The spends shown from these bot clicks will reconcile with the network and be removed the next day usually.

What does the Active toggle signify?

  • When the toggle is green, the campaign is active in both Maximus and on the network. When the toggle is gray, the campaign is paused in both Maximus and on the network.

Why is there a caution icon next to my campaign?

  • The caution symbol indicates that there is an issue with that campaign, ranging from the budget for that campaign being depleted to all the ads for that campaign being paused. Hovering over the caution icon will explain the issue. If a daily campaign budget is depleted, the caution symbol will automatically disappear at the start of the next day.

Why is there a red dollar sign next to my campaign?

  • A red dollar sign indicates that revenue for a CPC campaign is currently un-finalized.

What is Budget? 

  • Budget is the amount for a campaign to spend in a day (which is not always reached). It can be manually changed by clicking on the budget from Manage Campaigns, or using the Fire & Forget settings.

What is CPC?

  • CPC stands for Cost Per Click. It can be edited directly from Manage Campaigns, except for Gemini campaigns.

What is the range of the CPC?

  • This depends on the network. 
    • Taboola: minimum of $0.05
    • Outbrain: minimum of $0.03
    • RevContent: minimum of $0.01
    • Content.Ad: minimum of $0.30
    • Gemini: minimum of $0.05
    • The maximum CPC that Maximus supports is $3.00. For Gemini campaigns, the maximum CPC is $0.50.

What is Avg. CPC?

  • The Avg CPC is the Spend divided by the total clicks on the current date range. For Gemini campaigns, this value is pulled directly from the network.

Why doesn’t my Avg. CPC match the network?

  • Maximus always uses Maximus clicks to calculate all statistics. Network clicks change over time, but Maximus clicks are always static.

What is EPC and how is it updated?

  • EPC, or Earnings Per Click, is calculated by Revenue divided by Maximus Clicks. It is updated in real-time. This statistic will change when a campaign is receiving clicks or conversions. A campaign generating large amounts of clicks with no revenue will see EPC decrease.

How is Spend estimated?

  • Estimated spend is calculated based on the Maximus clicks * CPC. Maximus associates a CPC for every click and spend is estimated by associating a cost with each click. Maximus tracks accuracy within 10%.

How does my Gemini campaign have clicks but showing $0 for Spend?

  • Maximus calculates it’s estimated spend for Gemini campaigns based on the Avg CPC from Gemini. Gemini spends on the network can be delayed 4-5 hours. With this delay, the Avg CPC received from Gemini can be delayed as well. Once Maximus received the Avg CPC, the estimated spend will update based on that amount.

Why don’t my Sales match the network?

  • It’s possible that the Maximus pixel fires without the network pixels firing. A pixel would be required to track sales in Maximus where as having the network pixel for tracking is optional. Most Maximus users do not use the network tracking pixels.

Why would I need a Campaign ID?

  • The campaign ID would be needed when working with network representatives. Campaign ID may be used when setting whitelists for campaigns. The campaign ID shown on the Manage Campaigns page is a Maximus campaign ID, but we can retrieve the network ID for you based on this number if you cannot find it yourself on the network.

Why would I have revenue but no conversions?

  • CPC campaigns with estimated revenue will not display conversions.

Why wouldn’t Maximus use finalized data older than a week?

  • There may have been some trends that occurred prior to the week that won’t be beneficial in decision making now. For example, we wouldn’t base any of November’s decisions on July’s data.

What is finalized revenue vs non finalized revenue?

  • Finalized revenue includes the last 7 days of revenue with at least 250 clicks. Non finalized revenue includes values that haven’t been finalized by the network.

What is the criteria for estimating revenue?

  • We take the last 7 days of finalized revenue which also includes at least 48 hours of un-finalized data.

How can I determine if bots accessed the weighted links for my campaign?

  • This can be determined by checking the clicks total for the campaign on Manage Campaigns or by going to the campaign details page for the campaign and viewing the total amount of clicks shown in the At A Glance section.
  • If the campaign is rejected and total amount of clicks is 0, only the landing page was accessed.
  • If the campaign is rejected and total amount of clicks is greater than 0, it is likely that bots accessed the weighted links for the campaign.

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