Gemini Campaign FAQ

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What is the ad text?

  • Ad text is the ad title that will be displayed on the ad.

What is the branding text?

  • Branding text is the company name that will be displayed in the sponsored by label in the ad. This is required for Gemini ads and must be 35 characters or less.

What is the ad description?

  • The ad description is the text that will be displayed under the ad text and display url. It is required for Gemini campaigns and can be up to 150 characters.

What is secondary ad text?

  • Secondary ad text is the optional, additional text that will be displayed after the ad text for Gemini ads. When adding secondary ad text, both ad texts must be 30 characters or less.

What is display URL?

  • The display URL is the user-friendly URL that will appear when the ad is shown on search for Gemini campaigns. We recommend keeping the 'www.', but 'http://' is not required.

What is Call to Action Text?

  • The call to action text is the text that will be displayed on the call to action button for the Gemini ads. The call to action text is option and will default to ‘More’. Possible values for the call to action text as follows:
    • Watch More, Watch Now, Vote Now, Use App, Try Now, Subscribe, Sign Up, Shop Now, Sell Now, Save Now, Remind Me, Register, Record Now, Read More, Play Game, Play Now, Listen Now, Learn More, Now Launch, Install Join, Get Sample, Get Rates, Get Quote, Get Offer, Get Now, Get Coupon, Get App, Follow Now, Enroll Now, Download, Donate Now, Directions, Contact Us, Compare, Buy Now, Book Now, Bet Now, Apply Now
  • Call to Action Text is not translated if you are using our Language Translation feature.

Why is the default CPC for Gemini campaigns $.05?

  • The default CPC for Gemini campaigns is set lower than other networks because the actual CPC will be based on the percentage increase that is set for your bid adjustments. The initial CPC must be set to a lower value to avoid CPCs being set too high.

What are Gemini bid adjustments?

  • The Gemini bid adjustments are percentage values that will either increase or decrease your CPC for a specific publisher group. If the Gemini CPC is set to $1.00 and  Group 1-A is set to 100%, the bid on Group 1-A will be $2.00. If Gemini CPC is set to $1.00 and Group 2a  is set to -20%,  the bid on Group 2-A will be $0.80.

What are publisher groups?

  • The Gemini publisher groups are based on ad placement and device. Group 1-A is for large format devices (desktop) and has all of Gemini's best performing placements as well as all Yahoo sites and apps. Group 1-B includes these same placements for tablets and mobile devices and Groups 2 and 3 include third-party publisher placements (2-A and 3-A are for large format devices; 2-B and 3-B are for tablets and mobile devices).

How do the Fire & Forget™ settings work for Gemini campaigns?

  • The automated CPC adjustments for Gemini campaigns are made based on updating Group A or Group B modifiers based on the device targeting for the campaign. For desktop campaigns, the adjustments will be made on Group A and for mobile campaigns adjustments will be made on Group B. When setting the Highest or Lowest Bid CPC in the Fire & Forget™ settings for a Gemini campaign, this value will take into account the campaign CPC with its bid adjustment for that group calculated in.
  • To target a specific group for Fire & Forget™ optimizations, click Edit Gemini Settings from the campaign menu and select the group under the Fire & Forget™ Optimization dropdown. During the Add Campaign process, this is done when creating the Gemini settings before submission.

What are carousel ads?

  • Carousel ads group up to five images and captions in one place and allow users to swipe through each one. Carousel ads have the same requirements for Gemini images. Click here to learn more about how to add carousel images. A short video example of carousel ads can be found here.

Why should I have separate campaigns for Mobile and Desktop targeting?

  • Gemini has bid modifiers set for its two groups A and B where Group A is for desktop campaigns and Group B is for mobile (phone/tablet) campaigns. If the platform targeting is set to desktop, only the modification percentages for Group A would be updated. If the platform targeting is set to mobile, only the modification percentages for Group B would be updated. If the platform targeting for a campaign set to "All" (Desktop, Phone, and Tablet), "Desktop and Phone" or "Desktop and Tablet", Maximus would be unable to perform the proper CPC modifications leading to a modification of the campaign level CPC and not the Group percentages.
  • It is still possible to manually run a campaign with the platform targeting set to "All", "Desktop/Tablet", or "Desktop/Phone". However, Fire & Forget™ would need to be disabled to prevent any issues with CPC modifications.

How high (or low) can site bids for Gemini sites be?

  • Site bids for Gemini sites can be a minimum of -80% of the campaign CPC and a maximum of 800% of the campaign CPC.

How can the site bid modifiers be adjusted to reduce traffic? 

  • To reduce the amount of a traffic to a site on Gemini, set the site bid of the desired site to -80% of the Gemini CPC. If the Gemini CPC is $0.10, the site bid for that site will be $0.02.

Why doesn't the finalized total spend in the Gemini Sites report match the campaign level total?

  • With Gemini, not all traffic comes from a site that can be bid on or have traffic attributed.  If a site can be bid on, Maximus is able to display the reporting in real time and then reconcile spend data with the network for the sites where reporting data is available. Spend discrepancies can occur as the site data coming from Gemini does not include data for clicks that could not be attributed to a specific site.

What does the NA row in the Gemini Sites report signify?

  • If you see NA populated on the Gemini Sites Report and this contains spend, clicks, or revenue, this can be due to how Gemini sends data with traffic and may be reconciled at a later point. Please let our support team know via chat, ticket, or email ( so we can investigate this issue when it occurs.

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