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Network & Targeting

Why are Maximus campaigns named the way they are? What’s the naming convention?

  • Maximus campaigns are named to organize them by their different properties. A campaign is named by combining the Network, User Submitted Campaign Name, Country Targeting, and Platform Targeting. An example of this would be G_MyCampaign_US_DESK : G for Gemini, "MyCampaign" being the name it was given, the country it is running is the US, and DESK is desktop targeting.

Why does the criteria differ between networks?

  • Some networks may have different features or requirements compared to other networks. This would call for network specific criteria which may not be usable on others. As an example, minimum budget differs between networks. A budget that would meet the requirements on one network may not meet the requirements of another.

Which network allows you to run desktop only targeting and to target only Firefox or Chrome users?

  • Outbrain allows you to also target browsers. This targeting must be done in Outbrain. For more information, click here to read about network targeting for Outbrain.

Which network has the most differences?

  • Gemini differs greatly compared to other networks with how they organize bids. Our Network Guide for Gemini in Maximus can be found here and explains what the differences are.

What happens to Site Rule Set upon submission of a new campaign?

  • For Taboola campaigns, the campaign is submitted with a comment that your Taboola rep can read. For all other networks, this field is used for record keeping purposes only - speak with your network representative to ask if they can apply white/black lists for you.

When adding a campaign for multiple networks at once, how do you add separate white lists?

  • Beyond Taboola, all whitelists should be coordinated with account reps. For Taboola, whitelist information is passed from the Site Rule Set field as a note on Taboola’s side for approval.​

What is a group?

  • Maximus allows companies to choose information sharing preferences between separate user accounts. Information is only shared between users that are a part of the same group. By default, one group is setup for all accounts.

How can additional groups be created?

What is the difference between a landing page and a weighted link?

  • Landing pages are designed as safe pages where Maximus sends bot traffic. The weighted link is the desired link you want your traffic to go to.

Can I use the same URL for my landing page and weighted link?

  • If you do not have a safe page version of your landing page, you can use the same URL for both the landing page and safe page.

What kind of information (parameters) can I use in my links?

  • Depending on the network, Maximus can pass certain information from the network to your links. Please read the Link Management documentation about macros by clicking here. Maximus only supports passing these macros/tokens.

How does Maximus decide which weighted link to use if I have multiple?

  • Maximus will combine the total weights given by all links, and then use that number to decide the percentage weight of each link. As an example, if you have 3 links and each are at a weight of 50, the total weight is 150. Thus, each link would be 33% (50/150 = 33%) weight.

Fire & Forget™

Is there a limit on how low your budget can be set?

  • Your daily budget must be greater than your Slow Amount setting.
  • RevContent has a minimum budget of $100.
  • has a minimum budget of $50.
  • Gemini has a minimum budget of $50.

What are the highest and lowest CPCs you can enter?

  • There is a minimum of $0.05 and a maximum of $3.00.
  • has a minimum of $0.30.

Do I need to start a campaign with Fire & Forget™ enabled?

  • You can disable Fire & Forget™ when creating a campaign if you want to wait for it to begin optimizing your campaign, or edit other settings like sample size to achieve the same result.

What Optimization Mode should I select?

  • This depends on the goals you have for your campaign. Click here to learn more about which mode may work for your campaigns.

For a more comprehensive understanding of Fire & Forget™, please watch our video webinar and read our documentation for more detailed explanations of the features of Fire & Forget™.


What is ad text?

  • ​The ad text is the title of the ad itself. The text that is displayed next to the ad when the user is viewing.​

What is RevContent 'Targeting' type?

  • ​When creating a RevContent campaign, the options for targeting type can be either ‘Topic’ or ‘Brand’. Brand will target RevContent brand partners (i.e. while topic targeting will target based on RevContent topic channels (i.e. would be in the Editorial News channel). Currently, topic channels must be included or excluded on RevContent.​

What is RevContent 'Content' type?

  • ​When creating a RevContent campaign, a content type must be selected. The options are ‘App’, ‘Article’, or ‘Video’. ‘Article’ is the default content type and is used for campaigns where the landing page is content in article form. ‘Video’ should be selected if the landing page brings users to a video and ‘App’ should be selected for all mobile apps.​

What are the network limitations on ad text?

  • ​Taboola: 120-character max​imum.​.
  • ​Gemini: 50-character max​imum.​
  • ​150-character max for the ad description​.

​When using the Secondary Ad text for Gemini, the character maximum is reduced to 30 characters max for each title.​

  • ​Outbrain: 60-character max​imum.
  • ​RevContent: 80-character max​imum.​
  • ​Content.Ad: 60-character max​imum.

Gemini Settings

What kind of targeting should I use for my campaign?

  • This depends on what you know about how the campaign has performed in the past, and feel confident in targeting. If you haven't run the campaign before we recommend trying a few different campaigns targeting different genders and age groups to find what works for the best performance.

What Group should I select for Fire & Forget™ optimization?

  • Select the group you believe will have the greatest impact on campaign performance. If you're targeting mobile users, select a B group. Desktop targeting falls into the A groups. Click here to learn more about publisher groups.

General Questions

There were new sub accounts added on the network. Will these sub accounts be added to Maximus?

  • ​Taboola sub accounts are automatically added to Maximus. The sub accounts will display in the sub account dropdown on average of 30 minutes after creation.​
    For Outbrain and Gemini sub accounts, email with the name of the sub accounts to add to Maximus.​

Can I have a Network Sub Account show for more than one Maximus login user?

  • ​Only one Maximus login user can have a sub account, you cannot share this sub account among multiple Maximus users.​
    ​You can however have the network sub account available to sub users.​

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